FitBit Ionic Watch!

This is my thoughts after short time use (weeks) with the FitBit Ionic..


I am not use to FitBit, I think I have had one or two Fitbit over the years..:)

I do have many different watches tho, Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Samsung, Android and Apple Watch.

I don´t suffer from “NewToySyndrome” either, I love new tech..but never say they are good if they are Crap..:)

So…what are my thoughts on the FitBit Ionic?

I have use my Garmin 5 sapphire and 5X most the last months, but even my Polar V800 I like so I use that from time to time to.

Suunto i have the Spartan Ultra and the Sport Wrist HR, and for me suunto need to get their software fixed.

When I took the FitBit Ionic out of the box, I did like the feeling and design right away…:)

I did get the Garmin Vivoactive 3 and it´s Ok, but the straps on 20mm is way to “thin” for my taste but still solid watch for folks that like Garmin.

Use my Ionic 24/7 and get about the battery they say, if not little more… if I don’t use gps much. 

After summer I have been little down on training, and had a car accident in August so took little time to get 100%.

So right now I use my watch most for steps, sleep and running. After winter I will be back on the MTB, then I can try it out more.

For that part I must say I like the Ionic, it´s almost better than some other watches on the “simple” things. 

Nice color display and easy navigation, with a good app on the phone that keeps updates coming.

I see many folks talk about the storage you can save your music on, but for me that is not important. Always have my phone with me 24/7 so when I workout or running I use Spotify/Apple Music to stream.

If I should compare it to the same “price” range, Vivoactive 3, Apple Watch, polar v800, suunto Sport Wrist HR and even Polar M430 that cost less but many like.

I think I should say Ionic is very solid, the big thing I miss on summer when going MTB is external HR Strap support. If FitBit had add support for that it would be very nice..:)

Its not as “Pro” as some other watches I got for advanced info. But for the more simple it works great..

Design: Very solid materials and size/weight is good on my wrist.

Battery: Less than some others, but still very solid. 4-6 days.

Display: Crisp colors and easy to read inside and outdoors.

UI: Easy and after some updates works solid.

App: One of the things I like about FitBit, very nice and solid app. 

Polar and suunto you can see much stats/info on the webb, but the app itself is quite limited. Garmin have a good app, but still many things that just don’t work on my 5/5x. (small things)

Who is the FitBit Ionic for?

For most folks, but if you are deep into training and doing Mara, competition or ironman…then I guess you already have your tings and know what you need. 🙂

But for most folks that train from time to time or few times a week and not need external HR(Strap) FitBit Ionic is a great watch.

Know some say you don’t have as many apps or watch face as Garmin have in Store…

But I use like 1-2 of it on my gamins, and many of them are anyway crap. And for most people I should say the watch from start, have what you need.

Where I live every Tech is expensive, but even around here I should say the price is Ok for what you get.

I am not one of the people that always like the latest tech tho, my “old” Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire is still one of my favorite and work like a Boss for what I need it for.




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