Bowers & Wilkins PX

I see SO many “reviews” and thoughts about ANC headphones out there, and three names always come up..Bose q35ii, Sony 1000xM2 and B&W PX.

I have all of them, and all three is very solid. If you just after the ANC then Bose and Sony is the better ones, and between them it´s very close.

BUT if you are like me and use ANC less and rather want a better sound, then the PX is the ones for sure.

Both Bose and Sony sounds great, and Sony if you ask me sound little better than Bose. Bose is the only one you can have on for like 14h+ tho, not sure how many do that..but worth mention..:)

My daily driver is the B&W PX, and I love them. I have the P5, P5 Wireless, P7, P7 Wireless and I like B&W.

The thing with the PX need like always with B&W “Burn them in”, and PX even more so. The P5/P7 need some Burn in befor they opens up, but like P9 the PX need more time.

But after that you really here they start to shine, most if not all B&W have a Flat sound right from the Box.

So when a Reviewer get it and pack it up and start use sound flat and not 100%. 20-30h and you notice and even after that you can notice difference because they keep opens upp.

Some say they have very hard Clamp Force on your head, but guess that is a matter of your head size/ear size in some regards. But for me they sit very solid and can use them for many hours without problem, but after some point I always have to take my headphones of to relax..happens on all of them.

So I say the ANC is better on Bose/Sony…do they suck on PX?

No, B&W did do a great job on the ANC, it works solid and do a great job..but not as great as the other two. 

PX do change the sound some at the highest level of ANC, so they sound best without and on the first or second level. My friend do like the sound at higher lvl tho, so guess matter of taste. 🙂

So should I recommend them over Bose/Sony?

If you are like me and going more for Sound and ANC second, Hell yea..Sound is so so good in the PX.

But if you just want some sound and the ANC is more important, go for Bose or Sony.

One other thing I just love B&W did, they did put USB-C on them!!

Battery is very solid, and is what they say it is.

If you use right phone or android Oreo the APTX/APTX-HD opens up so then you can even have use for that, but they sound great on both Computer,Android or iPhone.

SO if you decide to go for the B&W PX…..

Charge them and let them “Burn in” at the nights when you sleep, and even when you don’t use them..let them play or use some Noice..:)

Use them to soft up the leather, and first and even second night..put them over a little larger box to stretch them out if you feel clamp force.

Can use this link for some “Noice” that just repeat for burn in at nights..:)


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