Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I have got a few questions if i use the “new” Apple keyboard, Magic mouse or Magic Trackpad 2.

And i have try all of them but i only use one of them 🙂

The keyboard is very nice, but i love backlight so i still use my old Logitech K811 and it works perfect.

I had the “old” Magic mouse from the day it came out, so when i did try the new magic mouse “2” it did not feel so much new to me, battery and “rails” under it is not something i need,

But the new Trackpad 2 i love, use it as my daily device and even if folks say it is not much new other than force touch/3d just feels better in many ways.

It is wider and that i like, and for me that do 99% on my MbP it just works so well with Os X.

I use my trackpad 2 as my main device and i got my “old” magic mouse on the side, and i got a Logitech Mx Master on the other side..:) But i must say i do 98% of my work with the trackpad, and now when i have got use to it even more it just is a thing i can’t live without.

Many people complain about the price 130$, but where i live it cost around 160$ and even for that price i think it is worth it.

And i guess that is because i use it, and not just have it for a “extra thing”.

But i should not get one..IF i not like or will use it as my daily device. 🙂

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