Blackberry Passport in my pocket again!


After i have use most new devices worth to use right now i am back on my old friend..the Blackberry Passport.

Don´t get me wrong i did love my S6 Edge but so far my s6 have sooooo poor signal and calls that drop.

5.1.1 did come as Ota where i live and some folks did get it befor they did pull it back, did some strange stuff they had to fix.

But few of them i have talk to say the problem with calls that drops is better, but still the signal is not where is should be.

And that is just not only one s6 i have used, 5 of them with exact same problems….:)

So the problems i had with s6 made me tired, so i had to use another phone for my daily work…

And guess most should think i would pick up the Lg G4 as it is a solid phone, but can´t  handle the “leather” on it. 🙂

So i did pick up my Blackberry Passport again for a day when i was out, and with new update to the Os it was very nice experience.

That was a few days ago now and have use my passport sense then, but this time around i could not resist the Red limited edition so did order one. 🙂

Now with android PlayStore working nice on my passport i can even get that few programs i need from Google and still use the smooth Os blackberry offers…It´s Great!

I did like the passport when it came out and was one of them that even Love the design and feeling of it, but i am a tech geek so when new phones comes out i had to try it..

This time i think i will stay on my Passport tho, ofc new Note5 is on the way and even Galaxy s6+,One Plus2 and some others…

But for the things i do i don´t think they can offer so much more that my passport can´t offer me.

The passport is no phone for a person that want a gaming phone or a phone to watch movies on 99%, but for mail,sms,calls,calendar,meetings and so on it is SO good.

And battery is insane, can use it 1+ day easy on one charge. At night after my around 15-17h off charger i got 40%+ left.

So..would i say the Passport is for everyone and that it´s better than S6 and all other phones?… Ofcourse Not…

You have to know what you use your phone for and what you prioritise, and after that check for a phone that works for you.

Will for sure use my Passport for now and we will see if i try the note 5 when i can get my hands on it…:)

Blackberry Passport Limited Red



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