B&W P5 Wireless Review

Ok, so i have use my new B&W P5 Wireless for little over a week now. And thought it is time to give my thoughts about them.

B&W P5 Wireless Unboxing

I am one of them that just Love the Design of B&W headphones, so when they do come out with something new i am one of the first to try it out. 🙂

And if you look at my site you can tell i like Headphones and use much new tech things.

I have the B&W P5 Series 2 and P7 that i use every day, so i guess(hope) i can give a decent “review” on how the new Wireless sound.

B&W P7 unboxingB&W P5 Unboxing

Befor i got my P5 Wireless my favorite was mixed, i love the sound of the P7 and i can wear them for hours after hours..

My P5 Series 2 i think have a more “fun” sound and is just so easy and small to have on your head, but did start to hurt my ears after few hours.

But when you got a pair of wireless headphones in a design you love and with great sound…you just have to keep use them and hope your ears get use to it. 🙂

And that is what i did, i put them over night over my stretch box with some Pink Noice to burn them in.

And have use them every day now, many hours every day. They are always on my ears or around my neck.

They after a few days start to feel quite good, i can wear them for more hours and they sound great.

Not sure if my ears just got use to it or if they did “bend” out so much they just did fit my ears.

P7 are still better when i sit for many many hours, but i can easy use my P5 for 2-5 hours now without problems.

So….for the tech parts.


The right earcup has a standard three-button volume/play/pause/call configuration, along with a power/pair slider. There are also two microphones and a lithium battery.
And the new P5 Wireless use the higher-quality aptX that will make many people happy.

Sound quality, the P5 Wireless sounds great, retaining much of the sonic character of the wired P5 S2s.

The bass is deep and sweet, the drums kick hard when they need to. Meanwhile, i note a wide dynamic reach and well-balanced presentation.

I do use them 99% with my Macbook Pro and iPhone 6+ right now, but will jack them into my S6 later on to get the AptX popping.

They can also have 8 devices in memory, and be connected to two at the same time. That is Pure love to me that use my Laptop and phone 99% of the time.

It will auto connect to the first device in memory, for me that is my Phone so when it go down to standby mode when music stop for a while it connect back easy when i hit the button again.


They are almost exakt same as the P5 Series 2, around 2mm thicker and 25-30g more weight. And Clamp around your ear is the same as the P5S2, little more when new but loosen up after a bit of use.

One thing i notice when i have wear this for a week now, i feel i get little warm after few hours around my ears. But right now we have record Celsius where i live so i guess that is why and not something different from the standard P5. But will try both out later and see if it is just me or it is a difference, but it is after hours and it does not get so warm so i have to take them off.

And like i did say in my P5 thoughts, when you first get your P5/P5Wireless or even P7…

You will notice some “Clamp” force, but they will loosen upp after a few days. The P7 was more nice to my ears out of the box, could wear them right away for hours without even complain.

But now after a week i can easy wear my P5 for hours without my ears get red and start to hurt, but if you ask me most of my OnEar does feel more on the ears than AroundEars.


Bluetooth v3.0

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

40mm Driver

3.5mm Sterio mini Jack

MicroUSB 2.0 (And this one should support FW Update in the same jack as it charging)

2x Microphones supporting CVC2-algorithm

Bluetooth Codecs: AptX, AAC, SBC

Frequency Range: 10Hz – 20.000Hz

Impedance: 22 Ohms (Passive)

Distortion (THD): <0.4% (1khz/10mW)

Sensitivity: 109dB/V at 1kHz

Weight: 213g

B&W P5 Wireless



I love Bluetooth if i can get a decent sound from them, and i just Love B&W design 100%.

So for me the new B&W P5 Wireless is a 200% buy, but that is just me..:)

Will not even jump into the P7 as they are a different headphone in some ways, so will compare it to the P5 Series 2.

If you don’t need the wireless and can live with a Cord, the standard P5 Series 2 will do you as good but for less money.

And if you are here reading about just B&W i guess you like the design and feeling of their products, so will not give tips on

different other headphones in same or less price range that could work good.

I have both the P5 Series 2 and the new Wireless, i use my Wireless 100% from the day i bought it.

They work like my P5 but they are Wireless, and Wireless for me is very handy so it is worth the extra bucks for me.





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