B&W P5 Wireless in my hands!

Ok, did get my new B&W P5 Wireless today!

Did listen quick at the Shop and it did sounds great, and the 17h battery time is sweet.

And if you use a device with Aptx it support that, so that is sweet.

Will start use them right away and start “burn” them in tonight, and will come back what i think of them compare to B&W P5 S2 and P7.

But just to have that design and good sound without cable is just so damn nice!


Ok, have rocking my P5 Wireless for a day now. And did a “Burn” in when i hit the bed, Pink Noice with included pauses.

And right now second day i can only say..this is my number one headphones right now.

Maybe folks will compare to normal P5 and even P7, but for me they sounds even better than my P5 Series 2. 🙂

Problem i can’t put the finger what they have done, but if you use them with cable i guess many think you got yourself a P5. But it is something different about the sound, and not to the worse.

I feel the volume is a bit higher and the sound cross the board just sounds more “fun”, i have just rocking this new ones for little over a day so will come back on the sound part tho.

And wireless they sounds very good, i did try them with both my S6 and iphone 6 and sounds great on both. But guess if you listen on higher quality tracks you maybe want to use a Android phone with AptX.

But even without AptX it sounds very good on the iphone, but guess if you sit and hunt faults with BT you will find it. 🙂

Did get mail from one that had thoughts to buy his first B&W, and ask me what i thought was the best ones..

It is a hard question, i love them all!

But if you go for p5 or p5 wireless and have the extra cash..i should easy go Wireless.

You can use this ones exakt like p5 with cable, but when you feel like it go wireless.

And the P7 is a different question, they are a very very solid headphones.

I love the P7 and many think that sound is more straight, and the p5 comes with little deeper bass.

And that is true, but i love the sound on the p5 wireless. And i think if you just gona use them at home i should say p7 right away, but if you are like me use headphones 95% of the time the p5 wireless is perfect.

P5 Wireless has little more weight than standard p5, but less than i thought they would have. Funny part is maybe my ears have get crazy, but i have use this p5 for many hours today and my ears does not get tired.

The normal p5 i had some problem with after like 2h, then it start to hurt my ears. P7 i can use for hours after hours and still be good. But when i compare p5/p5 Wireless it looks exakt the same materials, but they are little thicker.

But will use them for few more day and will update on sound and how they feel.

2 thoughts on “B&W P5 Wireless in my hands!”

  1. Tino Santos says:


    I first saw this headphone on the Australian online Apple Store. Then I’ve search for reviews and haven’t found one. Even B&W’s website doesn’t show this which made me think it might be fake. But Apple sells it so made me think twice.

    Nice to get a review from you. I really wanted to get this but I just need to know how it sounds. I’ve got the C5 and the MM-1 and they both sound great. I am looking at the Beoplay H8 and tried it on their store. It doesn’t come close to the B&W sound.

    We don’t have a showroom here in Australia for this headphone but I’ve heard the normal P5. You said it sound better. So I think I want to jump the gun and just buy this online.

    Thanks for the review.



  2. Marcus says:

    Yes, the “fake” did cross my mind to..:)
    But apple have them and the shop i bought them from sells very good brands so don’t think they should have fakes.
    Did try the H8 but did not like them so much, have the H6 and they are a very good. But still think they are behind B&W for me if you just gona use them from different sources. With Amp the H6 get nice tho. 🙂
    And i have headphones 95% of the day on me or around my neck, and so far i have use my P5 Wireless for like 4 days, and it is so nice to have wireless and still the design i love from B&W. Will be fun if more people give their thoughts on them, i think my P5 Wireless go higher in Volume and have something in the sound my normal P5 miss. Problem is i can’t put my finger on what it is exactly. 🙂
    Will upload few more Pics. now to show the difference on p5/p5 Wireless thickness, did get a few mail from people that wanted to know.
    But if you want Wireless and like B&W style like me, the new p5 Wireless will do you good.

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