Samsung Galaxy S6 LTE/4G Problems

I have use the new Galaxy s6 and S6 Edge for some time now and love the design and feeling, But…..

Every single one of them have big problems with 4G(LTE) and dropped calls.

Ok, i have one that works better than the rest, but still not perfect.

And at first i thought to my it the phone or my OP…

But after i have talk many times with my Op and they have try to locate the problem they told me it was the S6, and they have many many more people that had same problem with just the new Galaxy S6.

For me dropped calls is a big No, i can take some small problems with Tw/Android..but dropped calls i can’t accept.

And Samsung like most time say they have never heard of the problem..:)

So right now i hope samsung fix this problem quick, and i just start thinking if it can be Hardware or software..

Did read somewhere that someone did notice the contact to the “signal” wire was not 100% in place inside the phone, if that is true i guess Sumsung have some work to do on many phones.

But guess i have to use other phone for a while and see what Samsung will do about this problem..

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