B&W P7

Ok, so after i got the B&W P5 Series 2 i was very happy with Design and sound.

But that also made me very interested in the B&W P7, did try them in the shop and thought they did feel little to big to use outdoor.

But i also use other brand that is “Big” so thought it was a matter of get use to it or if i maybe even did not try them 100% in store..:)

But i did go back to the shop and got me a pair of B&W P7, and now when i have them home and can try as i want i for sure can get use to the seize.

And like most reviews i have find on google give the P7 first place IF you don’t just need a smaller ones, then the P5 wins.

But in sound i can even feel i like it more than the P5 Series 2, it is not so “dark”/”closed” sound as i get from the P5. On the other hand the P5

i should maybe call a more “fun” sound, maybe not perfect for them who listen for it..but very fun and nice to just hit play and listed when go out.

My problem with the P5 Series 2 i notice after a day or two, they “clamp” my ears…

I had no problem with 1 hour or even close to two or so, but when you have them on for many hours my ears turn red and it did not feel good.

I know you get better with time, but i have use many headphones over the years and even if they will get better it will not get to the point they will feel nice for many hours for me. But that is just me and my ears tho, different head and ears maybe can use them for days..:)

Did also see some reviewers get some pressure around ears with P7, but will try them out for a few days now and see.

But right from box after 1 hour or so i don’t feel even a small pressure around my ears, so will be fun see how they do later on for the long runs.

Did some “Burn in” right away when i was home with Pink/white noise, will do it more later on when i sleep. So far maybe 1h on Burn in and can tell you they sound very very good already for my ears. Guess the bass and volume get some more out of the burn in, so will come back after a few days when i have use them more.

And for me the “bigger” cable on the P7 compared to P5 S2 was nice, like it when the cable don’t feel like it gonna break when you get stuck first time. 🙂

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