Logitech MX Master

I use “gaming” mice 99% and have use that kind for many years, the one i use now is the Razer taipan and Naga.

But did notice on the webb many talk about the new MX Master from Logitech and it have got very good reviews.

So i did pick one up today to try it out…

First impression when i pick it out from the box was that it did feel sturdy and i like the design.

Guess some would call it little heavy, but guess you get use to that. 🙂

Don’t like the usb “dongle” logitech gives out with their keyboard/mice so was happy it had BT and it did connect in matter of seconds with my MBP.

Did go right away and download the Logitech driver for some options, and it was a few in that program..

Looks like you can make this mouse work well with Photoshop and illustrator, and even with editing programs. That extra keys you can bind helps,

and on this one i really like the scroll wheel. The thumb button was little hard but guess you get use to that later on.

Will start use it as my main mouse now and will come back with my thoughts in a week or so when i can tell how good/bad it actually is.

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