Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge

Ok, so did get a mail from folks that ask what i thought about the difference between the S6 and S6 Edge.

I have use my Galaxy S6 Edge in Black for a while now but not long ago i was in the store and they had the Blue Saphire color on the normal S6 in shop, could not resist that favorite color. The green that Edge have does not come close to the Blue, matter of taste tho so guess some think different. 🙂

But as i bought my Blue i of course start to use it, as it looks Sweet!

And on the same time i could see if it was so much that the Edge had that the normal don’t, and for me if my favorite color was worth skip the Edge for.

And all i can say right now with the small things the “Edge” can do in Tw, it is not a big deal. Maybe later on if samsung add more things for the Edge, but that i guess we will see later on. And on the part where many think the edge just looks better i like both of them so had no problem to go from Edge to Normal one, and the color for me wins over the look of the Edge. 🙂

Battery for me is around same even the small difference in size, but one thing i notice was that the normal did get better signals than i had on my edge. Not sure if it have something to do with the sharper edges on the edge or so, but it for sure is a small difference both in wifi and 4g. But other than that they work the same for me.

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