LG G4 Brown Leather

Ok, just thought i should make a small post on the new Brown Lg G4 i just got after i did get bad feelings on the Black one.

And the Brown does feel like i thought the “Leather” should feel like on the G4, even smells kind of Leather(ish)..:)

So guess they did what Samsung did on the Note 4 on Black and white, white was like full plastic and Black did feel more soft. And if you ask me i did like the Black Note4 more than white , and i did have both.

And got a few mail from folks if i had the brown g4 in my hands and if that had the same feeling as the black, i did not when i write about the black…but now i have. 🙂

So gonna use the g4 for a while and see how it works as a daily driver, did not like it from start on the black one but maybe we just did not “Click” right from the start..who knows..

And will write a new post later on my thoughts about Ui, Battery, Camera and so on when i have use it for a while.

And right now i use my s6 as my daily phone so will compare it to the s6, and guess that is the 2 phones folks sit and look at this days.

One thing i will have fun with is try out the camera when i am out in the dirt/forest with my ATV, see if it can make better pictures or not than my s6. 🙂

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