Sony MDR-XB950BT

I like “good” headphones and run into the Sony MDR-XB950BT on a youtube clip, and i could of course not resist to go next day and buy one pair. 🙂

And i like my Beats Studio Wireless, good looking and sounds good for my ears. But one of my favorites right now is the Philips Fidelio M2BT, they are so slim and sounds very good to the music i normal play.

So what do i think of this new pair i just bought?….

I must say it is very nice pair of headphones…

Ok, some (or most audiophiles) will maybe say they go to much on the bass with the bass boost active. 🙂

But for me that just like heavy Bass it did sounds nice, and for the songs that have to heavy bass..just turn the bass boost of.

But i can say for sure…this headphones sit very very nice on the ears, i can wear them for very long time without even get pain around my ears.

My Fidelio that have a smaller more slim i start to feel some pain after few hours or even less, then i have to take of for a bit or adjust them.

The Sony are ofc. in the Big league of headphones, but when you have them on they don’t feel so big tho.

And if you ask me they also looks quite nice when you wear them, but that is a matter of taste tho so guess some will say they looks to big or ugly. 🙂

My only problem with the Sony MDR.XB950BT right now is the Samsung Galaxy s6, the new Galaxy s6 give very low Sound output on BT so you don’t get that extra punch that you do if you plug them into laptop or even other type of phone.

With my Macbook Pro the BT sound is very high and Bass is very deep, so maybe time to root the s6 and flash a audiofix. 🙂

To bad i did not try it on the Lg G4 before i return my black one i did not like the leather feeling on, but i have a Brown Leather G4 on order so will try how that works later on with BT sound.

Where i live the price on Philips Fidelio M2BT and Sony MDR-XB950BT are nearly the same, and well worth the price. Compare to the Beats Studio for around double price i should go for one of this if you don’t wanna spend the extra cash for the design on Beats.

And if i just had to choose between Philips and Sony…i think i would go with Sony.

Both feel quite sturdy and design is Ok, Fidelio have aluminum and that of course give a more premium feeling, but don’t thing the Sony will break any time soon.

And why i would go for Sony over Fidelio is because Sony i can wear for many more hours without feel any pain around my ears, and the sound is very good with A lot of Bass.

If you don’t like heavy bass headphones you should not look at Sony MDR-XB950BT tho, as they are Bass heavy as the name XB say. 🙂

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