LG G4 Black Leather

Ok, so my Galaxy S6 Edge have been my main device for some weeks now…

But i got my Black Leather Lg G4 the other day and thought i should share my thoughts..

Befor i even got it i thought it should be a sweet device as i did like my g3, and that leather feeling sounds perfect for me.


When i did open the box and pick my new G4 up, it did not feel premium..:)

It was quite light but the leather feel more like… plastic, i know “real” leather get more soft after use but still..

If you have use a Note4, then it is the same feeling as the white one..the black had a softer and more nice feeling to it and the white was more hard plastic. Exakt same feeling it is on the g4, more plastic than the soft nice leather i was looking for.

So i put in battery and start it up, did install all apps and accounts. After that i see the new Ui lg had remade, but did not like the “big” dpi they use..everything looks so Big. But that is just me tho, i guess that is matter of taste so some/many might like it.

But Lg did a good work on the Ui on the lagg front tho, did not feel slow or laggy at all. But it get quite warm and battery drain fast on the 808 cpu when under load, most devices drain when use them hard..but this one did drain little to much for my taste. And i don’t like my S6 on the battery part, it drains way to fast when i use it.

But when i did start use it i start to notice i miss my S6, it just feels “for me” very premium and nice in the hand. And i Hope Samsung fix some of the Lagg and battery drain in next 5.1 update..:)

The Curve Lg has put on the g4 is a smart thing tho, it make it feels little more nice in the hand.

But i guess the Lg G4 is perfect for them who like LG or was a fan of the Lg G3, because it is a upgrade in some ways even if some sites say it is not..

If you use camera a lot it is for sure an upgrade and overall it is more snappy, but for me that had the s6 it was a no Go..

Only thing i did not like about the camera was the OIS, it was to aggressive for my taste. But i guess they fix that in a update later on.

Just hope Lg next time make a phone with more premium feeling, but that is just my thoughts tho.

Guess i will have to keep my S6 till we see the Note5, i hope and guess that will be a sweet device. 🙂

I know this sounds like i say many bad things about the new G4, but for me it was not a great device that you expect 2015.

That does not say it is a bad phone for the right user tho, many users should be very happy with the G4.


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