My New Atv!

Ok, so my new 2015 Camo Renegade 1000 Xxc did arrive..:)

And i was there to check it out right away and after most things was on and i should take it for a test did not start 🙂

After some checking it was the FuelPump that was broken from the factory so not much to there, lucky me they had one in the store so they changed it and it started up.

So took it out  for a test and did drive it for few hours and it is a sweet ride, but later that night i could not stop thinking i did miss the Outlander feeling i am more use to..:)

So next day when it came down to decide i changed my mind and it did end up i chose a new Outlander XTP 1000.

Befor i leave the Store i put on 27″ on it and when i was home the CanAm Delux Bag and Rack fly on the atv and also RJWC SlipOn.

So now i have a new Atv again that i hope will work good, will start post more pics/video when i am out driving now.

Here are few pics i took at the store..




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