Nexus 6 White or Blue

I got few mail from people that ask me why i did not show/write anything about the Nexus 6, so here comes what i think and what color i prefer.

I use my Nexus 99% and if i try a second phone i use it on the side of that one, that is how good it works for me. And i love the new Android Lollipop, did like the look of it from start.

Before i got it in my hand i thought it would be BIG, as almost TO BIG!

And when i took it out from the Box first time, then i did notice it was not that big as i did notice many say. 🙂

Ofc. it is a Big phone, but when i compare it to the Note4,ip6+ and even some other devices in that 5,5″+ it actually did not feel that big.

And it also have to do with googles Design, i think my Nexus 6 is more nice in the hand than ip6+. And if you compare ip6+ and Nexus 6 the ip6+ is not that much smaller, and that is with a 5,5″ screen and Nexus have almost 6″. So for me the size was Ok from start, but i like big phones tho and are use to it. For someone that have a smaller iphone 4 or even 5 they for sure gona say..Ho”ly Sh”’t this is a big phone, and would never have it as a device you carry around.

Specs i don’t have to mention i guess, most know what it is in the new Nexus 6. Screen compare to Note4 that uses same type i should say is very good, but Note4 in the end i guess have some advantages in Colors. Nothing you will notice if you don’t compare or are use to latest devices. 🙂

Sound that many talking about with the “FrontFacingSpeakers” is Great, maybe not upp there with Htc One M8..but not far from it. And for the normal person it do a very good jobb.

Battery have treat me well, get one heavy day of use from it. And sometimes more if i don’t use it max, it is less than ip6+ gives me but still very good.

Should say i get around same battery time on my Note4 and Nexus6, or close to it anyway.

Camera was a topic many did talk about..:)

And for me i had some bad luck on my first unit that had some problems with the camera, but with the replacement it works great.

If you compare, ip6+ and note4 maybe take little better pictures overall, but i have pictures where my Nexus 6 crush the ip6+ so it is hard compare them. But for picture options Note4 wins and i love the Slowmo on ip6+, and i love 4k Video so there Note4/nexus6 wins again..:)

I will just stop and say it is Good, in lowlight it not make the best pictures from time to time but still decent. And in a day with sun it take very Good pictures. 🙂

Front camera is not the greatest on Nexus 6 tho, not use Front camera much but when i did try it..i got many “Blur” pictures. 🙂

I had focus on the blue one and thought the White was to white for a “big” device, but after a while the White start to win me over. 🙂

Now i use my White with a DBrand Skin on and looks Sweet!

So to people that like Lollipop and don’t mind a big Device…Nexus 6 is a Sweet one.

Many people talk about the Price on it as it is higher than the previous Nexus from LG, but with this Spec and Design i guess this is the price you have to pay.

And my iPhone 6+ cost more and it does not give me more than my Nexus6, and it is never talk about iphone and price as 99% know they always take high(overprice)prices for their devices.

I am use to android so 99% of the time always have some Android device i use, and right now i still feel the Passport is nice for mail as i still like the keyboard 🙂 But could manage most things from the nexus if i wanted tho..

On the other side Passport is not best in youtube/netflix, so there is the negative with that device. It can handle it, but not like a qhd Screen can. 🙂

Nexus 6 MidNight Blue:


Nexus 6 White:


Nexus 6 White with DBrand Carbon Fiber Skin:



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