Htc Desire Eye

Did get a Htc Desire Eye yesterday and will start use it and see how it is. 🙂

Not a Device did plan to get, but did run into it and now i will give it a try.

13mp Camera front and Back sounds nice, even if some reviews give it bad score i have to see for myself..:)

Will post my thoughts when i have use it for a bit.



After just first day i have to say this device looks really sweet..:)

Will try out camera over the Xmas days, but battery after first charge and one day use is 55% when i was home.

And i have always like the Sense Ui so feels good be back on a htc again for a while. 🙂

Hope Samsung will do something to TW when they show the new Galaxy “s6”, and if “s6” will be like it looks like a totally new design and so on i hope they also give out a TOTALY new design for TW and more optimized .

Because Sense Ui on this device that most people not even see as a High end device feels more snappy and optimized than my Note 4..:)

But will come back and write what i think about it after Xmas when i have use it for a while and also take some pictures/videos with the camera.

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