Why it have been slow on ATV Pics/Videos

I have been lazy on ATV pics and news, but that is because i have had a lot of problems with my CanAm and the support from Brp(CanAm).

We will see how it goes after Xmas if i stay CanAm or maybe change to Polaris..:)

My last CanAm Outlander 1000cc LTD start get problems after like 10h or so, winch was broken from start and lamps fall off both in front and back.

The Glue on the lamps just stop and it fell off.

And after that a bad sound start from engine and they try locate it and fix it but after many times they like gave up and told the mechanics to give the ATV back out till something like happen so they can find it..:)

After that my engine start to get Hot, really Hot..:) When they plugin computer to look at “top” Celsius it was 120!!

And they was at my place so they reset it and told me to drive some, after like 4-5 min top on normal Road..it hit 97-98 Celsius and that is High for so little driving.

So after a lot off different bad things on this machine i did ask them to get a replacement, they just say No..

After that 120 Celsius they understand something is bad and i can’t even drive it, so they want to take it in and take apart the engine totally and IF only IF they find a “BIG” problem they might give a new engine..:)

But after all this and they have open/close the plastic so much that it Flex a lot..i just want a new machine that works.

But we will see after Xmas what happens, as soon i get a Atv that works i will start upload new pics/videos again.


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