Apple Iphone 6 Plus And Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Now when i have use both Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iphone 6 Plus for a while i will soon post my thoughts, that will be both Pros/Cons. 🙂

After a month or so on my iPhone 6 Plus i can say it is a sweet device with Excellent Battery life.

But what i don’t like as much is that it just feels like a “Big” phone and don’t take advantage of the screen estate.

Like my Note 4 it take advantage of the big screen a lot better and the system also let you use One hand options on many things you do. And that you can use more than one app at the same time is sweet. Even the S-Pen in the Note 4 i very handy and now you actually can make some use of it. 🙂

On the other hand my Note 4 is not perfect, it still have that small TW Lagg samsung always have and battery is good but not as the iphone 6 Plus.

But it also come down to what you use your phone for, if you are one person that make calls, send some sms and check internet from time to time iphone 6/6+ is a sweet device. But i want more optimized system for that bigger screen..:)

There for i went back to my Note 4 after a month or so and it just works better for me, that don’t say iphone 6 Plus works better for you tho.

And i am one person that try most things out and don’t care about the brand, if it works i use it. 🙂



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