Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary

Ok, looks like 2016 will be a QUAD year!!

I will go Quad and will for sure upload great pics/videos when i am out playing with it. πŸ™‚

I did check out a few Quad that i like, but i did get a 2016 Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary. Read More…

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Will soon get back!

I have been of from posting for a while but will soon get back into it, so will start post more on some tech i have bought and ofc. ATV pictures!

And weather around here start to get nice and shiny so time for more ATV and Dirt soon. πŸ™‚

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My New Atv!

Ok, so my new 2015 Camo Renegade 1000 Xxc did arrive..:)

And i was there to check it out right away and after most things was on and i should take it for a test run..it did not start πŸ™‚

After some checking it was the FuelPump that was broken from the factory so not much to there, lucky me they had one in the store so they changed it and it started up.

So took it out Β for a test and did drive it for few hours and it is a sweet ride, but later that night i could not stop thinking i did miss the Outlander feeling i am more use to..:)

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2015 Can Am Renegade 1000 Camo

Maybe a Renegade for 2015, looks damn sweet in Camo.

And think it should fit my driving style perfect. πŸ™‚

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Why it have been slow on ATV Pics/Videos

I have been lazy on ATV pics and news, but that is because i have had a lot of problems with my CanAm and the support from Brp(CanAm).

We will see how it goes after Xmas if i stay CanAm or maybe change to Polaris..:)

My last CanAm Outlander 1000cc LTD start get problems after like 10h or so, winch was broken from start and lamps fall off both in front and back.

The Glue on the lamps just stop and it fell off.

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My true friend and partner has been put to sleep

Yesterday I got to say goodbye to my Labrador Retriever …
He got only 10 months old, due to elbow injury.
Best dog in every way, felt so hard to say goodbye already at such a young age.
But now he does not suffer any more and can run free with the angels …

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Can Am Outlander Xmr & Renegade 1000cc

Cool Colors on CanAm Xmr and Renegade!

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