Monthly Archives: April 2015

Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge

Got my Galaxy s6 Edge, did get a Black 64Gb ver.

Did wait for a 128Gb but where i live it will take time before we see any 128gb. 🙂

Have use it as my daily device for a week or so and it is a very sweet device i like.

Will give my thoughts on my S6 Edge in a later post.

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Aorus X7 Pro

Quick post on my latest Gaming laptop i got, the Aorus X7 Pro with Nvidia GTX 970M SLI.

Very nice and fast laptop with very nice design, fans sound little high and can get little warm..but will give my thought in a later post.

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Will soon get back!

I have been of from posting for a while but will soon get back into it, so will start post more on some tech i have bought and ofc. ATV pictures!

And weather around here start to get nice and shiny so time for more ATV and Dirt soon. 🙂

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