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Blackberry Passport

Will get my new BlackBerry Passport tomorrow, then i will give it a try. 🙂

One of my favorite mobile is the BlackBerry Q10, love the design,size and keyboard on that one.

But at the time i did get it, it was a few apps that i could not use. But looks like you can use many more android apps on BB 10.3 so will be fun try.

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Htc Desire Eye

Did get a Htc Desire Eye yesterday and will start use it and see how it is. 🙂

Not a Device did plan to get, but did run into it and now i will give it a try.

13mp Camera front and Back sounds nice, even if some reviews give it bad score i have to see for myself..:)

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Why it have been slow on ATV Pics/Videos

I have been lazy on ATV pics and news, but that is because i have had a lot of problems with my CanAm and the support from Brp(CanAm).

We will see how it goes after Xmas if i stay CanAm or maybe change to Polaris..:)

My last CanAm Outlander 1000cc LTD start get problems after like 10h or so, winch was broken from start and lamps fall off both in front and back.

The Glue on the lamps just stop and it fell off.

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LG G Watch R

Will try out the Lg G Watch R with Android Wear and see how it do. 🙂

I am not to big of a freak on this “smart watches” but new tech is always fun.

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JayBirds BlueBuds X Camo

My new BlueBuds X in Camo color 🙂

Had the black and white and did really love them, they are sweet InEar headphones.

And the Camo color maybe not is “WoW” when i first see them, but it is always fun with new colors..:)

If i could change something on them i would have made the “Wire” Black instead if Grey tho.

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