iPhone 6 Plus Black 128Gb

Today I got my iphone 6 plus Black 128gb, guess better late than never …
But will start running it as my main phone and shortly write what I think about it.
I also bought an Apple leather case that I thought felt really nice on this particular phone.

Did use my iPhone 6 Plus for a month or so and it is a very nice device, but iOS gave me some crashes and my keyboard did go invisible to often. 🙂

And if you compare it to my Note 4 the iphone 6 Plus is just a “big” phone and it does not take advantage of the big screen in many ways.

Like my Note 4 you can use the big screen a lot more and also make the system usable for One hand use, but both devices have their Pros and cons.

One thing that is great on iphone 6 plus is the battery life tho, it is Crazy nice.

But after a month or so i did change back to my Note 4 and that just feels more solid for the things i use my phone for.

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