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iPhone 7 plus Black or JetBlack....
Question of the day?
I have both and if i had to pick one, it would´t be easy...
Befor i got my iPhone 7 i was sure it was the "Standard" Black that was my deal, and i did hear how easy you get marks and all that on JetBlack.
But now after i have use both, i like the Jetblack more in the hand..:)
It´s not as Slippery and feels very good, standard black feels very good to but still little more of the slippery we are use to with the 6/6s.
And you can get marks on your JetBlack, but i have use mine quite hard with and without case...and so far it looks Ok.
But you will get more small "marks" on the Jetblack with time tho, but nothing that i care/think about so much.

I use my phones 100% for the time i have it, if i get some scratches under that be it.
If you still are not sure, you have to go to a store and feel them, it´s a difference when you get both in the hand.
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3 weeks ago  ·  

The new DJI Mavic Pro on order!
Hope I get it late October or November..😀
Will share my thoughts when I got it.
#DJI #Mavicpro #Mavic #pro #iphone7 #Drone
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3 weeks ago  ·  


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Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary

Ok, looks like 2016 will be a QUAD year!!

I will go Quad and will for sure upload great pics/videos when i am out playing with it. 🙂

I did check out a few Quad that i like, but i did get a 2016 Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary. Read More…

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Morris Laptop Bag

My new Laptop bag from Morris. 🙂

Think it look awesome and love the color and style of it, will see how it hold up over time. 🙂

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Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I have got a few questions if i use the “new” Apple keyboard, Magic mouse or Magic Trackpad 2.

And i have try all of them but i only use one of them 🙂 Read More…

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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Ok, the latest BlackBerry passport Silver Edition i have on Pre order, will upload pictures and my thoughts when I get it.
It looks very sweet, to bad I really love my Limited Red..:)
But it might even feel better than my Red so will be fun compare when I get it.


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Blackberry Passport in my pocket again!


After i have use most new devices worth to use right now i am back on my old friend..the Blackberry Passport.

Don´t get me wrong i did love my S6 Edge but so far my s6 have sooooo poor signal and calls that drop. Read More…

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Samsung Galaxy S6 LTE/4G Problems

I have use the new Galaxy s6 and S6 Edge for some time now and love the design and feeling, But…..

Every single one of them have big problems with 4G(LTE) and dropped calls.

Ok, i have one that works better than the rest, but still not perfect.

And at first i thought to my it the phone or my OP… Read More…

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B&W P7

Ok, so after i got the B&W P5 Series 2 i was very happy with Design and sound.

But that also made me very interested in the B&W P7, did try them in the shop and thought they did feel little to big to use outdoor.

But i also use other brand that is “Big” so thought it was a matter of get use to it or if i maybe even did not try them 100% in store..:)

But i did go back to the shop and got me a pair of B&W P7, and now when i have them home and can try as i want i for sure can get use to the seize. Read More…

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