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After some wait I finally got a good/decent Pixel 2 XL.
I Love Pixel as "Pure" android is fast and keep updates coming, and had the Pixel XL (first gen) and it just keep going.
After Pixel 2 XL came out it was some talk about Blue tint, weak colors and so on...
Colors they did fix with a update but the Blue tint is still there, if you have luck you get less and otherwise you get more..:)
But I did wait till now and order a new one, this time I got a good/decent one. There are little Blue tint and will always be on the XL, but this one I can live with.
So in the end I guess it´s little like "lottery" to get a XL, you can have luck or bad luck.

But no phone is perfect.. and with little tint I don't think most folks will not even notice it.

Will start use this one and see how it works out, but with luck I got a good one. 🙂

And the "Panda" edition is my favorite on any smartphone right now.
#panda #google #Pixel2 #XL #android #oreo #smartphone #tint
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#Wireless ANC headphones late 2017 and early 2018 is very popular.
And the Top 3 you see 99% talk about are Bose #Quietcomfort 35 ii, Sony #1000xM2 and the B&W PX.
I have all three and they is very solid all of them, but with some differences..:)

#Bose = Best comfort and very Solid ANC as always on Bose, sound is Ok but nothing special.

#Sony = In middle, better sound than Bose and close or as good #ANC but with many more features than the other two. And a very "fun" sound, with good bass.

B&W = Very solid ANC but maybe not up there with the other two, and comfort is not like Bose but still Ok.
But where #PX shine is on Sound...It´s hard to beat, they sound very very good.

So in the end it´s up to the person to I need more ANC or better sound? Do I need a pair that I can use for 13h++ or can I do with 5-8h+. 🙂

For me the PX is the best, I use my headphones for hours and they are Ok, if I really need to go for long time I maybe have to adjust them..but then we talk after many hours.

One thing many people miss on the PX.. they NEED "Burn in", and more so than others...
All B&W is kind of Flat out of the Box, but start to shine after you use them. PX is almost like the P9, they need little more of that "Burn in"..but after that they really start to sound very good.

I think to many that review them on youtube get them in box and put them on, and that is not good. Give them some nice time with 20hz-20khz sound "pink/white noice" every night when go to sleep and you will hear the difference.

But in the end 3 very good headphones, and all three are great in different ways.
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Bowers & Wilkins PX

I see SO many “reviews” and thoughts about ANC headphones out there, and three names always come up..Bose q35ii, Sony 1000xM2 and B&W PX.

I have all of them, and all three is very solid. If you just after the ANC then Bose and Sony is the better ones, and between them it´s very close.

BUT if you are like me and use ANC less and rather want a better sound, then the PX is the ones for sure.

Read More…

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BeatsX In-Ear!

I have always been a fan of Jaybirds, and X2 was great and did work like a tank. But the Freedom if you ask me was worthless, way ti light compare to the controller and did not fit my ears 100%.

Wanted the X3, but they took some damn time to get them out…. Read More…

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Polar M600!

I have use my Garmin Fenix watches for years, and Fenix 3 is my favorite tracker.(Even with some gps jumps and not 100% steps)

And i wait for my Fenix 5x, and with luck i have it in April.

But…i bought a Polar M600. Read More…

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BlackBerry KeyOne and Galaxy S8!

Blackberry KeyOne on order now, Sony Xperia i will get when i can here.

And Galaxy S8 later on ofc.

But from the Show the Blackberry was the phone i just say, Wow that one i must have.

It will be my perfect “work” phone for calls,sms and mails. ANd then the Xperia or s8 for fun stuff..:)

Will post some thoughts and pictures when i get them.

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New 2017 KTM Sx 50!


This year 2017 i bought my little one a new 2017 KTM Sx 50, i should check out the Sx 65 but it´s still way to big/heavy for him. Read More…

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Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary

Ok, looks like 2016 will be a QUAD year!!

I will go Quad and will for sure upload great pics/videos when i am out playing with it. 🙂

I did check out a few Quad that i like, but i did get a 2016 Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary. Read More…

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Morris Laptop Bag

My new Laptop bag from Morris. 🙂

Think it look awesome and love the color and style of it, will see how it hold up over time. 🙂

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Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I have got a few questions if i use the “new” Apple keyboard, Magic mouse or Magic Trackpad 2.

And i have try all of them but i only use one of them 🙂 Read More…

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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Ok, the latest BlackBerry passport Silver Edition i have on Pre order, will upload pictures and my thoughts when I get it.
It looks very sweet, to bad I really love my Limited Red..:)
But it might even feel better than my Red so will be fun compare when I get it.


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