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Ok, still waiting on the Fenix 5X...
But couldn't resist the "standard" fenix 5 Sapphire when my Store get them in..:)
So have use it for a while now and can tell you it´s a nice watch.
Can´t say anything so far on the 5x, but the size of the standard 5 is very nice when you start using it. It´s not to big or to small, and feels good when you are on the bike.
But i like "Big" watches so i will for sure like the 5x to, but did not think i would like the 5 size as much as i did.

One thing i see on most reviews or posts is...
It´s maybe not worth the upgrade if you have the Fenix 3 Hr, and some say it for sure is...
But if you in for a new watch and don't have one yet, 95% say go for fenix 5.

Now when i have use my fenix 5 for a while and the fenix 3 and 3Hr i have use very very much i can tell you what i think if you after a new watch.

If you have the Fenix 3 Hr i could agree with most it´s not worth the upgrade if you not just after the latest and greatest, OR if you need one of the few things 5 have that the other don't.

But i should even say if you don't have a watch and are on your way to get one...
If you get a good price on Fenix 3 HR i think that one will do you very well, for myself the 5 don't have so much the 3 HR did´t.
And where i live you get a Fenix 3 HR Sapphire for 495$ right now, the 5 sapphire is 835$.

So i like my 5, but if i was tight on cash or don't need the latest and greatest...i would still go for the 3 HR Sapphire.

If i did take of my 5 and put my 3 HR on it will do same thing for me, i use it most for Running, cycling, MTB, walking...
Do i feel bad that i bought the 5? No, i love it...
But if i just need a watch for my running or cycling, and not need the latest and greatest...i should go 3 HR Sapphire.

Will tell more in depth what i think when i get my 5x and can compare all three. 🙂

#garmin #Fenix5 #Fenix3 #fitness #cycling #running #outdoor
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I can never say No to a Black color..:)
The new "limited" Midnight Black OnePlus 3T.
I haven´t use my 3t for a while, but now when my Midnight Black did jump down i must say i like this phone. It´s Sooo good phone for the money you on 7.0-7.1.1 it´s just working like a Boss.
#Oneplus3T #Oneplus #midnightblack #limited #black #smartphone #android
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BeatsX In-Ear!

I have always been a fan of Jaybirds, and X2 was great and did work like a tank. But the Freedom if you ask me was worthless, way ti light compare to the controller and did not fit my ears 100%.

Wanted the X3, but they took some damn time to get them out…. Read More…

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Polar M600!

I have use my Garmin Fenix watches for years, and Fenix 3 is my favorite tracker.(Even with some gps jumps and not 100% steps)

And i wait for my Fenix 5x, and with luck i have it in April.

But…i bought a Polar M600. Read More…

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BlackBerry KeyOne and Galaxy S8!

Blackberry KeyOne on order now, Sony Xperia i will get when i can here.

And Galaxy S8 later on ofc.

But from the Show the Blackberry was the phone i just say, Wow that one i must have.

It will be my perfect “work” phone for calls,sms and mails. ANd then the Xperia or s8 for fun stuff..:)

Will post some thoughts and pictures when i get them.

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New 2017 KTM Sx 50!


This year 2017 i bought my little one a new 2017 KTM Sx 50, i should check out the Sx 65 but it´s still way to big/heavy for him. Read More…

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Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary

Ok, looks like 2016 will be a QUAD year!!

I will go Quad and will for sure upload great pics/videos when i am out playing with it. 🙂

I did check out a few Quad that i like, but i did get a 2016 Yamaha Raptor 700R 60th Anniversary. Read More…

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Morris Laptop Bag

My new Laptop bag from Morris. 🙂

Think it look awesome and love the color and style of it, will see how it hold up over time. 🙂

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Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I have got a few questions if i use the “new” Apple keyboard, Magic mouse or Magic Trackpad 2.

And i have try all of them but i only use one of them 🙂 Read More…

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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Ok, the latest BlackBerry passport Silver Edition i have on Pre order, will upload pictures and my thoughts when I get it.
It looks very sweet, to bad I really love my Limited Red..:)
But it might even feel better than my Red so will be fun compare when I get it.


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Blackberry Passport in my pocket again!


After i have use most new devices worth to use right now i am back on my old friend..the Blackberry Passport.

Don´t get me wrong i did love my S6 Edge but so far my s6 have sooooo poor signal and calls that drop. Read More…

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